Saturday, January 20, 2018

About us

The Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference, hereinafter referred to as the Bishops' Conference, is a religious organisation having its legal foundation in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, which applies to all Catholic Churches of the Roman Rite throughout the world. The Bishops' Conference, according to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church (Canon 447-459), is the central Body of the Church in Ghana. Its purpose is to deliberate on matters of concern to the Church in Ghana and to encourage activities in accordance with the needs of the times.

All the Bishops in Ghana are members of the Catholic Bishops' Conference, which has a President and a Vice President. Their term of office is three years, but they can be re-appointed for a second term. The current President is Most Rev. Philip Naameh, Archbishop of Tamale Diocese, while the Vice President is Most Rev. Anthony Adanuty, Bishop of Keta Akatsi Diocese.

The Bishops' Conference in addition to Plenary Assemblies, has an Administrative Board to handle ordinary matters in between the Plenary Assemblies. The Administrative Board is made up of the President, the Vice President and one representative from each of the four Provinces.

The Plenary Assembly

The Bishops' Conference meets in Plenary twice in a year, i.e. May (when it receives reports from the various Departments of the Secretariat, Commissions and Chaplaincies, and November (when it deliberates on matters of general concern and issues a Communiqué at the end of the session).

Representatives of the Conference of Major Superiors (Men and Women) are invited to the November Plenary Assembly to give reports on their activities and to take part in discussions but they may not vote. Similarly, resource persons are invited to address the Bishops on topical national and international issues.